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Lying on the south-eastern banks of the Lake of Garda, the Amusement Park is built upon themed areas reminiscent, through a careful and detailed scenographic reconstruction, of the realms of history and geography, of space and fantasy.
The great variety of attractions and shows is able to satisfy a truly diversified crowd: from early childhood to adolescence all the way to third age, from groups of teenagers to families.

 Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is the first completely themed aquarium in Italy. Visiting it is like embarking on a continuous quest to discover the most beautiful creatures populating the fresh and sea waters of the entire planet. In a succession of themed settings recreating in great detail natural habitats – starting from river Sarca, moving on to the Lake of Garda, going through the Red Sea and all the way to the Ocean Indian – you can admire 5,000 specimens in as many as 37 fish tanks.
A sequence of mysterious and fascinating worlds, populated by numerous animal species, from the most famous to the strangest and most exotic ones. It is a scientific experience suitable both for adults and for children, with interactive panels and an amusing test-game dedicated to the latter group.